Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate

The currency settled in Imperium Gold Group account is US dollars. To reduce the exchange cost of customers, the company will update the withdrawal rate according to the market exchange rate. Exchange rates are fair and equitable.


Currency Rate Update Time
USD/HKD 7.8 2019/03/28
USD/CNY 6.71 2019/03/28


Terms and conditions :

  • The exchange rate above is updated once a day, but the actual update depends on market changes.
  • The exchange rate is exactly two decimal places, rounded.
  • The customer's withdrawal rate shall be calculated at the exchange rate announced on the website when applying for withdrawal.
  • Clients will be charged a USD 3 handling fee where the withdrawal amount is equal or less than USD 50.
  • If the cumulative level of funds traded up to the point of the withdraw request falls below 50% of the customer's initial deposit amount, we will charge 5% of the withdrawal amount as a handling fee. This charge will be deducted from the withdrawal amount.

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