Under Hong Kong law chapter 615 < against money laundering and terrorist financing (financial institutions) ordinance > (hereinafter referred to as "prevent money laundering regulations"), financial institutions have a responsibility to set up effective system and the control measures, in order to prevent and detect money laundering and terrorist financing activities.


Thus, the company to fulfill the requirements of the relevant regulations, at different stages (including open an account, deposit and withdraw and/or in the investigation) will need according to the actual situation, ask the customer to provide related information (including but not limited to, personal data, address/communication certificate, bank account correspondence), to make sure that no violation of relevant regulations, if the customers has failed to provide the relevant documents and information, the company shall have the right to immediately terminate your application and account.


The company reserves the right to submit relevant customer information to relevant government departments for investigation and follow-up without prior notice in the event of reasonable doubt. The company and will reserve the right, to the customer for caused by violation of the rules to prevent money laundering investigation by the relevant government department and the company shall be investigated and any losses (including reputation losses), thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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